Abis Perfume – 50ml

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Abis Perfume is a captivating fragrance that masterfully captures the essence of Switzerland’s Alpine region.

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Abis Perfume – Nearest Match to Creed Silver Mountain Water

Abis Perfume is a captivating fragrance that masterfully captures the essence of Switzerland’s Alpine region. Its ability to seamlessly blend the freshness of mountain air with the warmth of blackcurrant and the allure of musk makes it the nearest match to Creed Silver Mountain Water.
This contemporary, unisex scent is a testament to the artistry of perfumery, transporting you to a world of natural beauty and serenity. So, if you seek a fragrance that embodies the pristine beauty of Switzerland, Abis Perfume is your perfect choice.

Abis Perfume

The Scent Journey

The top notes of Abis Perfume are marked by their sharpness and crispness. Citric notes add an invigorating and zesty quality to the fragrance. They’re like a burst of energy that sets the stage for the olfactory journey that follows.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Imagine standing on the precipice of the Swiss Alps, taking in a deep breath of crisp, mountainous air. Abis Perfume encapsulates this very sensation with its icy, mentholated top notes. The fragrance is a refreshing gust of air, akin to the crystal-clear Alpine streams descending over frosted rock faces. It’s an olfactory escape to the pristine beauty of Switzerland.

The Warm Embrace

But Abis Scent isn’t just about the coolness of the Alps. It also envelops you in the warmth and comfort of a plush jacket. The heart of this fragrance unveils sweet blackcurrant notes that bring a sense of coziness. It’s like being wrapped in a warm embrace while still enjoying the bracing Alpine air.

Unisex Scent

Abis Perfume isn’t bound by gender stereotypes. It’s a contemporary, unisex scent that appeals to a broad spectrum of fragrance enthusiasts. Its versatility makes it a fantastic choice for anyone who appreciates a well-balanced scent.

Warming Sweet Blackcurrant

As the fragrance unfolds, the heart notes reveal the sweetness of blackcurrant. This is where Abis Perfume takes on a unique character. It’s the transition from the icy coolness of the Alps to the warmth of the jacket. The blackcurrant notes add a delightful, fruity twist.

Charming Musk

To complete the scent journey, Abis Perfume finishes with charming musk notes. Musk brings a subtle sensuality to the fragrance. It’s the lingering memory of a beautiful day in the Alps, as you breathe in the scent of the surroundings.

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Abis Perfume

Abis Perfume - 50ml

46005800 (-21%)