Alif Perfume – 100ml

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Alif Perfume is not just a fragrance; it’s a journey that awakens your senses and connects you to the essence of nature and spirituality.&lt;/p></p>

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Alif Perfume – Nearest Match to Tom Ford Oud Wood

Alif Perfume is not just a fragrance; it’s a journey that awakens your senses and connects you to the essence of nature and spirituality. With its captivating blend of rare ingredients and profound inspiration, it stands as the nearest match to Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the art of perfumery.
Alif is an exotic fragrance composition that combines smoky woods for both regular and formal usage. The name “Alif” holds great significance, as it represents “ALLAH,” and the perfume is thoughtfully crafted using nature’s exquisite extract, OUD, symbolizing the ultimate creative essence.

Aromatic Journey of Alif

Alif Perfume

Spicy Delight

Alif begins its olfactory journey with a captivating burst of rare Oud, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Eastern Spices, and Sensual Amber. This combination infuses a spicy, warm, and intriguing aroma that sets the stage for the fragrance’s complexity.

Heart of Rich Oud

As you delve deeper into the fragrance, it reveals the compelling power of rich oud wood. The heart of Alif Perfume carries the intense, woody notes that Oud enthusiasts adore. It’s a symphony of earthy, woody accords that captivate the senses.

A Mellow Finish

The scent of Alif gracefully unfolds with accords of Patchouli, Tonka Beans, and Lavender. This mellow finish adds depth and sophistication to the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression.

For Lovers of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood

If you’re a fan of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, you’re in for a delightful surprise with Alif Perfume. Alif offers an aromatic experience that’s as alluring and captivating as its more expensive counterpart. It’s a fragrance that speaks to your senses and elevates your presence.

The Serenity of Alif

Alif Perfume isn’t just about fragrance; it’s about an experience. If you’re seeking a perfume that evokes a soothing vibe, Alif is your answer. It celebrates your soul with calmness and a soothing effect that connects you to the Creator and makes you feel closer to nature and humanity.

Inspiration Behind Alif Scent

The creation of Alif Perfume draws inspiration from smoky, incense-filled temples and a profound passion for rare, precious oud wood. This pioneering composition combines exotic woods and spices, resulting in an enchanting and unique fragrance. It embodies the enveloping warmth of incense-filled temples, with its remarkable blend of rare oud, sandalwood, rosewood, eastern spices, and sensual amber, revealing the rich and compelling power of oud wood.

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Alif Perfume

Alif Perfume - 100ml

40504600 (-12%)