MTJ Sillage Perfume

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MTJ Sillage Perfume stands out as a true gem. With its Oriental Gourmand charm, exquisite scent profile, and impressive sillage.

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MTJ Sillage Perfume For Women

MTJ Sillage Perfume stands out as a true gem. With its Oriental Gourmand charm, exquisite scent profile, and impressive sillage, it has won the hearts of women seeking a fragrance that defines elegance and sophistication.

Fragrance Main Accords

MTJ Sillage Perfume is a delightful blend of various accords, with each note contributing to its overall charm.

Top Note:

The perfume opens with a burst of freshness, thanks to the citrusy Bergamot. This invigorating top note is accompanied by the sweet and tangy essence of Blackcurrant and the crispness of Apple, making it an ideal choice for a refreshing start to the day.

Heart Note:

The heart of MTJ Sillage Perfume is a bouquet of elegant and feminine notes. Orris, often referred to as the “Queen of Flowers,” adds a powdery and slightly woody facet. Rose and Lily Of The Valley introduce a floral delicacy that lingers gracefully.

Base Note:

The base notes of Patchouli and Vanilla add depth and sensuality to the fragrance. Patchouli offers a touch of earthiness and a hint of the exotic, while Vanilla brings warmth and sweetness to the blend.

MTJ Sillage Perfume

Longevity and Versatility

One of the standout features of MTJ Sillage Perfume is its longevity. It stays with you throughout the day, ensuring that you smell divine from morning to night.

Women’s Fragrance

MTJ Sillage Perfume is exclusively designed for women, celebrating their unique sensibilities and tastes. It is a 100ml Eau De Parfum, ensuring a long-lasting and intense aroma.

Bottle and Packaging

Not only does Sillage Perfume captivate with its fragrance, but it also stuns with its elegant packaging. The bottle is a work of art, reflecting the essence of the perfume itself. It’s a collector’s item that adorns your vanity.

Why Choose Sillage Perfume?

Sillage Perfume is more than just a fragrance; it’s an olfactory journey. Choose it for its long-lasting, enchanting aroma that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking for a signature scent or a special gift, Sillage Perfume won’t disappoint.

Size and Concentration

The 100ml bottle contains Eau De Parfum, a concentration that promises a more enduring fragrance experience.

How to Apply?

For an enhanced fragrance routine, apply Sillage Perfume to your pulse points, including behind your ears, on your wrists, and on your neck. These areas radiate heat, intensifying the perfume’s projection and longevity.

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MTJ Sillage Perfume

MTJ Sillage Perfume

67007500 (-11%)