Nova Foldable Hair Dryer

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The Nova Foldable Hair Dryer is designed with safety in mind. Its overheat protection mechanism can automatically shut off the dryer if it gets too hot.

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Nova Foldable Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan

The Nova Foldable Hair Dryer, with its blend of innovation and functionality, has carved a niche for itself in the hair care industry. Whether you are a professional stylist striving for flawless salon-worthy results or an everyday user seeking a dependable hair styling tool, this hair dryer has something to offer for everyone.

Having a reliable and efficient hair dryer is a must-have for anyone who cares about their hair. Whether you are a professional hairstylist or someone who loves to style their hair at home, a good hair dryer can make all the difference.

One such hair dryer that has been gaining popularity in the market is the Nova Foldable Hair Dryer, specifically the NV-1290 model. In this article, we will delve into the features, advantages, and usage of the Nova Foldable Hair Dryer, helping you make an informed decision.

Nova Foldable Hair Dryer

Importance of Hair Dryers

Hair dryers have become an essential part of our daily grooming routine. They not only dry our hair quickly after a shower but also aid in creating various hairstyles. With busy schedules, air-drying hair is often not feasible, and that’s where hair dryers come to the rescue.
They not only save time but also offer versatility in styling, making them an indispensable tool for many.

Introducing the Nova Foldable Hair Dryer (type: NV-1290)

The Nova NV-1290 is a foldable hair dryer that promises efficiency and convenience. Its foldable design makes it compact and easy to carry while traveling, making it a favorite among frequent travelers. Let’s explore some of its noteworthy features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

Compact and Foldable Design

The Nova NV-1290 hair dryer boasts a sleek and compact design. Its foldable handle makes it portable and space-saving, allowing users to fit it easily into their travel bags or drawers. The foldable feature ensures that it doesn’t take up much space, making it ideal for those with limited storage options.

Powerful Motor

Equipped with a powerful motor, this hair dryer offers quick and efficient drying. The motor generates a strong airflow that helps to dry hair faster than conventional dryers. It is suitable for all hair types and lengths, making it a versatile choice for both personal and professional use.

Heat and Speed Settings

The Nova NV-1290 comes with multiple heat and speed settings to cater to different styling needs. Users can choose the desired heat and airflow intensity according to their hair type and the style they want to achieve. This feature ensures that the hair is dried without causing unnecessary damage.

Ionic Technology

One standout feature of the Nova NV-1290 is its ionic technology. This advanced technology releases negatively charged ions that help to neutralize the positive ions in the hair, reducing frizz and static. The result is smoother and shinier hair after every use.

Safety Features

The Nova NV-1290 is designed with safety in mind. It has an overheat protection mechanism that automatically shuts off the dryer if it becomes too hot. This feature prevents potential damage to the hair dryer and ensures user safety.

Nova Foldable Hair Dryer

Advantages of Using the Nova Foldable Hair Dryer

Portability and Convenience

As mentioned earlier, the foldable design of the Nova NV-1290 makes it highly portable. Its lightweight construction further adds to the convenience, making it an excellent choice for travelers and those constantly on the go.

Fast Drying

The powerful motor and multiple heat settings allow for quick drying. This not only saves time but also reduces hair exposure to heat, leading to healthier-looking hair in the long run.

Frizz Reduction

The ionic technology in the Nova NV-1290 helps to combat frizz, leaving hair smoother and more manageable. Users with frizz-prone hair will appreciate the difference this technology makes.

Hair Health

Thanks to its thoughtful design and heat control options, the Nova NV-1290 promotes better hair health by minimizing damage caused by excessive heat.

How to Use the Nova Foldable Hair Dryer Effectively?

Using the Nova NV-1290 is simple and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the best results:

  • Start by towel-drying your hair to remove excess water.
  • Plug in the Nova NV-1290 and adjust the heat and speed settings to your preference.
  • Hold the dryer at a distance to avoid direct heat exposure on your hair.
  • Use a comb or brush while drying to style your hair simultaneously.
  • Once your hair is dry, use the cool shot button to set the style and add shine.
  • Maintenance and Care

To ensure the longevity of the Nova NV-1290, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance. Clean the air intake regularly to prevent dust buildup, and avoid dropping or mishandling the dryer. Additionally, store it in a safe place, away from moisture and extreme temperatures.

Nova Foldable Hair Dryer Pros and Cons


Portability: The foldable design makes the Nova NV-1290 highly portable and easy to carry while traveling, making it a convenient choice for users on the go.
Powerful Drying: The hair dryer’s powerful motor ensures quick and efficient drying, saving time and reducing hair exposure to heat.
Ionic Technology: With its ionic technology, the Nova NV-1290 reduces frizz and static, leaving hair smoother and shinier after each use.
Customizable Settings: The multiple heat and speed settings allow users to tailor the drying experience to their hair type and desired style.
Safety Features: The Nova NV-1290 is equipped with overheat protection, ensuring safety during use and preventing damage to the dryer.
Suitable for All Hair Types: The hair dryer is designed to be compatible with all hair types, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.
Affordable: The Nova NV-1290 provides excellent performance and features at a reasonable price point, offering value for money.
Durability: Many users have praised the hair dryer’s sturdy build, indicating good durability over time.


Foldable Design Limitation: While the foldable design is a significant advantage for portability, some users may find it less comfortable to hold compared to traditional non-foldable hair dryers.
Noisy Operation: Some users have reported that the Nova NV-1290 can be relatively loud during operation, which may be a minor inconvenience for those sensitive to noise.
Limited Color Options: The hair dryer may come in limited color options, which could be a drawback for individuals looking for a specific aesthetic match.
No Diffuser Attachment: The Nova NV-1290 may not come with a diffuser attachment, which could be a disadvantage for users with curly hair who require more specialized styling options.
Cool Shot Button Location: A few users have mentioned that the positioning of the cool shot button could be better, as it may be accidentally pressed during use.
Short Power Cord: Some users have found the length of the power cord to be on the shorter side, which may limit maneuverability during styling.
Lack of Additional Accessories: Unlike some other models, the Nova NV-1290 may not come with extra accessories, such as styling nozzles or travel pouches.
Availability: Depending on the region, the Nova NV-1290’s availability may be limited in physical stores, and online availability may fluctuate.

It’s essential to consider these pros and cons while evaluating whether the Nova NV-1290 is the right hair dryer for your specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, the hair dryer’s positive features and affordability make it an attractive choice for many users seeking a reliable and efficient hair drying solution.


The Nova Foldable Hair Dryer (type: NV-1290) offers an excellent combination of portability, efficiency, and hair care. Its foldable design makes it an ideal travel companion, while the powerful motor and ionic technology ensure optimal results. Whether you are a professional hairstylist or a regular individual who loves well-styled hair, the Nova NV-1290 is worth considering.

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Nova Foldable Hair Dryer

Nova Foldable Hair Dryer

21002500 (-16%)