Oud Sharqia Perfume

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Oud Sharqia Perfume by Ard Al Zaafaran Eau de is a name that evokes luxury, sophistication, and the allure of the East.

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Oud Sharqia Perfume in Pakistan

Oud Sharqia Perfume by Ard Al Zaafaran Eau de is a name that evokes luxury, sophistication, and the allure of the East. This exquisite perfume has captured the hearts of perfume connoisseurs worldwide with its enchanting aroma and unique blend of ingredients.

Introduction to Oud Sharqia Perfume

This Perfume is a testament to the rich heritage of Arabian perfumery. It is a fragrance that pays homage to the traditional art of perfume making in the Middle East.

The Origin Story: Ard Al Zaafaran

This Perfume is a creation of Ard Al Zaafaran, a renowned perfume house based in the United Arab Emirates. With a legacy dating back decades, Ard Al Zaafaran has mastered the art of blending oriental scents to perfection. Sharqia Perfume is one of their crowning achievements.

The Allure of Oud

At the core of Oudh Sharqia Perfume lies the mystical ingredient known as Oud. Also referred to as “liquid gold,” Oud is a resinous substance derived from the heartwood of Agarwood trees. Its captivating and complex aroma makes it one of the most coveted fragrance elements in the world.

A Symphony of Fragrance Notes

This Perfume is not just about Oud; it’s a harmonious blend of various fragrance notes. The top notes offer a burst of freshness, while the middle notes reveal the heart of the fragrance. Finally, the base notes provide a long-lasting, memorable scent. Here’s a fragrance notes:

Top Notes

Fruity Accords

Middle Notes

Floral Bouquet

Base Notes

Woody Notes

A Scent for Every Occasion

One of the remarkable features of Oudh Perfume is its versatility. Whether it’s a formal event, a romantic dinner, or a casual outing, this perfume complements every occasion. Its balanced blend of ingredients ensures that you leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

The Art of Bottle Design

The allure of Oud Perfume isn’t limited to its fragrance; the bottle itself is a work of art. The opulent design, featuring intricate patterns and luxurious materials, reflects the essence of the fragrance within.

Why Oud Sharqia Perfume Stands Out?

What sets Perfume apart from the myriad of fragrances available in the market? Let’s explore some key factors.

Longevity and Sillage

One of the hallmarks of a great perfume is its longevity and sillage. Oud Sharqia Perfume excels in both aspects. It lingers on your skin throughout the day, ensuring you stay fragrant and confident.


In a world of generic scents, Oud Sharqia Perfume is a beacon of uniqueness. Its blend of Oud and other exquisite notes creates a signature scent that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Elegance of Arabian Perfumery

Oud Sharqia Perfume encapsulates the elegance and mystique of Arabian perfumery. It transports you to the enchanting world of the Middle East with every spray.

The Final Verdict: Oud Sharqia Perfume

In conclusion, Oud Sharqia Perfume by Ard Al Zaafaran Eau de is a fragrance that embodies the artistry and luxury of Arabian perfumery. Its exquisite blend of Oud and other fragrance notes creates a unique olfactory experience that lingers in the memory. Whether you’re a seasoned fragrance enthusiast or someone looking to explore the world of oriental scents, Oud Sharqia Perfume is a must-try.
Oud Sharqia Perfume in Pakistan

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Oud Sharqia Perfume

Oud Sharqia Perfume

29003500 (-17%)