Total Cover Foundation

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Total Cover Foundation is an amazing makeup product that makes your skin look flawless for up to 24 hours. It’s lightweight and won’t feel heavy on face.

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Total Cover Foundation

Total Cover Foundation is an amazing makeup product that makes your skin look flawless for up to 24 hours. It’s lightweight, so it won’t feel heavy on your face, and it even controls excess oil. You can use it as a base for your makeup, and it’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, so no animals were harmed in making it.
In the world of cosmetics, finding the perfect foundation can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s essential to choose a product that not only matches your skin tone but also provides long-lasting coverage.
If you’re on the hunt for a foundation that ticks all the boxes, look no further than the Unerring Total Cover Foundation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the details of this incredible product, from its formulation to its benefits.

What Sets It Apart?

Total Cover Foundation is renowned for its ability to provide up to 24 hours of full coverage while maintaining a featherlight sensation on your skin. Unlike many other foundations on the market, this product delivers a natural finish that ensures you look and feel your best throughout the day.

The Magic of Highload Colors

One of the standout features of this foundation is its highload colors. These specially formulated pigments ensure total coverage, making it a go-to choice for concealing dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation. No more worrying about imperfections – Total Cover Foundation has got you covered.

Alliagel Infusion

Total Cover Foundation goes the extra mile by incorporating Alliagel into its formula. This unique addition not only enhances the foundation’s performance but also provides a refreshing and comfortable feel on your skin. You can count on it to keep your makeup looking impeccable all day long.

Why Choose Total Cover Foundation?

A Perfect Canvas for Makeup

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you’ll appreciate how Cover Foundation creates the ideal canvas for your makeup routine. It smooths out your skin’s imperfections, making it easier for other products like concealer, blush, and eyeshadow to blend seamlessly.

Lightweight and Breathable

Many long-wear foundations feel heavy and uncomfortable on the skin. Total Foundation, however, is different. Its featherlight texture allows your skin to breathe, preventing that caked-on feeling that can occur with other foundations.

Oil Control for a Flawless Finish

Achieving a perfect makeup look requires controlling excess oil. Cover Foundation excels in this department. It helps regulate oil production, ensuring your makeup stays put throughout the day, even in hot and humid conditions.

How to Apply Total Cover Foundation?

Get your skin ready: Begin with a fresh and moisturized face for the best outcome.
Choose the Right Shade: Select a shade that closely matches your skin tone.
Apply with a Brush or Sponge: Use a foundation brush or a makeup sponge to apply the product evenly.
Blend Well: Ensure that the foundation is well-blended along your jawline and neck for a seamless finish.
Set with Powder: To lock in your makeup, lightly dust a translucent setting powder over the foundation.


Total Cover Foundation is a game-changer in the world of makeup. Its ability to provide flawless coverage, paired with its lightweight and long-lasting formula, makes it a must-have for anyone seeking a picture-perfect complexion. Say goodbye to makeup meltdowns and hello to a makeup look that lasts all day.
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Total Cover Foundation

23002600 (-12%)