Oud E Afraz Perfume

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MTJ Oud E Afraz Perfume is not just a perfume; it’s a masterpiece, a sensory journey, and a testament to the art of perfumery.

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MTJ Oud E Afraz Perfume – 85ml

MTJ Oud E Afraz Perfume is not just a perfume; it’s a masterpiece, a sensory journey, and a testament to the art of perfumery. It’s for those who understand the power of scents in making lasting memories.
Perfumery is an art, a craft that transcends time and space. It’s a symphony of scents orchestrated to evoke emotions, memories, and sensations. MTJ Fragrances is a master at this craft, with a legacy that spans generations. Each perfume is a masterpiece, a testament to the art of blending.

MTJ Oud E Afraz

Among the many jewels in MTJ’s crown, Oud E Afraz stands out. It’s a perfume that exudes sheer sophistication and opulence. This spicy oriental fragrance is a sensorial journey that transports you to grand soirées in the city’s tallest skyscrapers.

Saffron and Ginger

Picture this: a night of grandeur, where saffron and ginger take center stage. Saffron, often referred to as the “red gold,” opens the fragrance, casting a captivating spell. The fiery ginger notes add a touch of sharpness, reminiscent of the impeccably dressed guests at an opening night at the theater.

Sandalwood and Red Rose

As the night unfolds, sandalwood and red rose join the olfactory orchestra. The classic red rose, a symbol of love and luxury, harmonizes with the robust clove leaf. This symphony of scents is like a romantic ballad, swaying to the rhythm of the evening.

The Powerful Elegance

The clove leaf, with its strong and distinct aroma, brings a touch of powerful elegance to Oud E Afraz. It’s a fragrance that commands attention and respect, much like the confident individual who wears it.


Patchouli, often dubbed as the “scent of the ’60s,” leads the fragrance like a maestro leading an orchestra. Its earthy and deep notes create a mesmerizing depth to Oud E Afraz.

Mellow Honey

Amidst the powerful notes, there’s a sweet surprise – mellow honey. It delicately weaves its way into the scent, adding a touch of sweetness and balance to the composition.

Musk and Amber

As the fragrance unfolds, opulent patchouli takes the lead, gracefully wrapped in musk and amber. This grand finale lingers in the air, leaving an indelible impression.

Unraveling the Fragrance Notes

The layers of MTJ Oud E Afraz create a fragrance experience that is as multi-faceted as life itself. It evolves on your skin, revealing different facets with each passing hour.

Luxury of MTJ Oud E Afraz

Oud E Afraz is more than a fragrance; it’s a statement of luxury. It’s for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek to make a lasting impression.

Olfactory Experience and Memories

The scents we wear are intricately linked to our memories. Oud E Afraz is no exception. Wearing it is not just an olfactory experience but a journey through your own memories and emotions.

How to Apply and Wear MTJ Oud Perfume?

Applying perfume is an art. Knowing where and how to apply it can enhance your fragrance’s longevity and impact. We’ll guide you on the art of wearing Oud E Afraz.

Packaging and Presentation

MTJ believes in luxury from the first glance. The packaging and presentation of Oud Afraz are as exquisite as the fragrance itself.

Oud E Afraz Perfume

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Oud E Afraz Perfume

Oud E Afraz Perfume

80009450 (-15%)