MTJ Rowan Perfume

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MTJ ROWAN Perfume is a testament to the art of fragrance. With its remarkable blend of top, heart, and base notes, it offers a symphony of scents.

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MTJ Rowan Perfume

MTJ ROWAN Perfume is a testament to the art of fragrance. With its remarkable blend of top, heart, and base notes, it offers a symphony of scents that captivate and endure. It’s not just a perfume; it’s an olfactory journey that encapsulates the beauty of nature and the allure of timeless fragrances. Enhance your everyday routine with the enigmatic MTJ ROWAN Perfume.

Enduring Elegance

MTJ ROWAN Perfume is a scent that masterfully balances freshness and warmth. The delightful top notes give you an energetic start, the heart notes keep you captivated, and the base notes leave a soothing and memorable trail. This fragrance is truly ageless, a bewitching choice for those who appreciate a touch of nature in their scent.

Burst of Bergamot

At the very first whiff, MTJ ROWAN Perfume makes a grand entrance. The top notes are a captivating blend of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange, a duo that conjures up an immediate sense of tang and sprightliness. This opening act is like the first rays of the morning sun, awakening your senses with a burst of freshness and vitality.

The Heart

As the scent begins to unfurl, it reveals its heart notes – Green Tea and Black Currant. These notes come together in a harmonious and invigorating dance. The Green Tea lends a touch of natural serenity, while the Black Currant adds a delightful twist of fruitiness. The combination is nothing short of enchanting, creating a captivating aura that lingers in the air.

Grand Finale

Gradually, MTJ ROWAN Perfume descends into its base notes, providing a soothing and earthy foundation. Musk, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, and Galbanum are the key players in this olfactory symphony. Musk offers a sense of warmth and sensuality, Petitgrain adds a hint of bitterness, Sandalwood contributes its woody richness, and Galbanum provides a touch of herbal depth. Together, they create a captivating crescendo of scents that leave a lasting impression.

Application Tips

To make the most of this enchanting fragrance, consider the following application tips:

Pulse Points:

Apply the perfume to your pulse points, such as behind your ears, on your wrists, and on the neck. These areas emit heat, which helps to diffuse the fragrance and make it last longer.


For a more pronounced and long-lasting scent, you can consider layering. Use matching body lotion or shower gel from the same fragrance line. This will create a multi-layered effect and enhance the overall experience.

MTJ Rowan Perfume

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MTJ Rowan Perfume

MTJ Rowan Perfume

76008500 (-11%)